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Have you ever wondered how the implementation of an international NPS feedback system can succeed? GLS has done it together with SKOPOS and is already revealing to us ahead of the joint WdM webinar what challenges they faced during implementation and what requirements companies have to meet for integration. Read >

In cooperation with Fressnapf, the franchise company for pet food, SKOPOS CONNECT has set itself the task of combining insights from customer feedback and mystery shopping. How this can succeed and was implemented at Fressnapf is revealed by the project participants in their WdM webinar. Read >

Value-based pricing – what exactly is behind this approach? And how can it be used to identify competitive advantages? Produkt + Markt will get to the bottom of these questions in their webinar at Week of Market Research. Read the interview with Dr. Ludger Rolfes for a glimpse behind the scenes. Read >

In an interview with, the three companies FORSTA, Info GmbH and DVJ Insights talk about the year 2023, new working models and current challenges. In it, the WdM premium sponsors also comment on the use of AI in market research, the ROI of CX programs and difficult target groups. Read >

Social media can trigger shitstorms to well-intentioned advertising campaigns – but they can also accelerate their success enormously. Keeping control over one's own brand was easier in the past. How should brands act in this environment? We talked to Inga Havemann and Oliver Hupp from Ipsos about the topic they will be presenting at Week of Market Research. Read >

Combining ChatGPT, AI and behavioral economics opens up new opportunities for market researchers and marketers – says Bastian Verdel, Managing Partner at StraightONE. What makes this hybrid research approach work? And what tasks can AI usefully take on? Read >

Research data disappearing somewhere in the middle of nowhere without labels and names is unfortunately not uncommon. This is why a so-called data culture is needed, in which a systematic approach to data is cultivated so that its potential can be fully exploited. Dr. Christopher Harms, SKOPOS ELEMENTS, claims to have found a solution to the problem – data stacks. Read >

A new tool measuring the emotional charge of brands was launched by Produkt + Markt in the summer of 2022. PIC|MOTION helps to find out which positive or negative emotions are associated with a brand. In her webinar as part of Market Research Week, Charlotte Stöckmann gives an overview of PIC|MOTION and what it means for the future of market research. Read >

Digitalisation has fundamentally changed the way we collect and analyse information. Especially in market research, a lot has happened in recent years. Whereas in the past, market research was mainly outsourced to large full-service agencies, small and medium-sized companies now have the opportunity to conduct market research independently and cost-effectively. In this way, the trend towards increased customer focus can be successfully embraced. But what about the quality of the data generated by DIY research? Read >

How online reporting solutions can make working with data easier is what Lea Margarete Schlue from SKOPOS ELEMENTS will be showing at Week of Market Research with a real-life use-case: "Modern, Target Group Specific & Flexible – How Market Data Dashboards at Carlsberg Ensure Better Decisions". In this interview, she presents her webinar topic and reveals what makes the beer market so special. Read >