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Newsletter • 6 April 2022
  • WoM22: 90+ sessions from the entire spectrum of the insights industry at our online festival Week of Market Research in May
  • Exploring barriers (financial market, B2B) · Sensory claims · UX personas · Key touchpoints · Mobility tracking ... Again we are presenting a number of WoM22 agenda highlights – sign up for free
  • Current trends in the industry and companies, as well as info on their WoM sessions – our sponsors interviewed, today: advise, GIM, INNOFACT, Interrogare, moweb, Talk Online.
  • succeet22: book your stand and presentations now 
Our events 2022:
◾️ 9–17 May: Week of Market Research WoM22, online festival
◾️ 20–21 October: succeet22, in-person trade show in Munich
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Exploring barriers – in the financial market and in B2B target groups
Natacha Dagneaud, Séissmo
"It is difficult to grasp how the capital market works. Many people already fail at a cognitive level: whom should one approach with trust? How does buying stocks work – is it like buying groceries? What are you supposed to buy then and how do you pick a 'ripe fruit'? How long should one keep it? How much investment is necessary?"
Chocolaty, creamy, yummy – sensory claims in product advertising
Dr Sonja Schwarz, arotop sensory insights at Limbach Analytics GmbH
"Sensory claims can now be used better and more safely in advertising thanks to new guidelines. In my opinion, this will change food advertising. And no manufacturer should miss out on this opportunity, otherwise the competitor will do it."
Customer journeys and key touchpoints – why less is often more
Christoph Spengler, Accelerom
"It is simply impossible to use pure intuition to determine the central touchpoints. Data-based decision-making or objectification can help to make better decisions."
Personas in the UX context – navigation system or compass?
Pia Blumauer, SKOPOS NOVA
"It is always problematic when personas are developed without collecting data. (...) So it can happen that you run in the ‘wrong direction’ and develop a product for a person who is not part of the target group at all."
Florian Tress, SKOPOS NOVA
"A navigaton system is better than a compass, but a compass is better than nothing. (...) In the end, personas cannot replace user research, just as a compass cannot replace a navigaton system."
Capturing mobility in detail – via smartphone tracking
Beat Fischer, Intervista
"The method has such weighty advantages that, in our view, it will become even more important in the near future and replace, for example, other classic mobility diary studies. The development of the technological possibilities will continue to advance, which will also allow the measurement quality to be increased even further. And the data will also be in greater demand in many applied areas such as billboard, consumer and tourism research."
A selection from the wide range of WoM22 topics:
The WoM22 sponsors – thank you all very much!
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  • exciting WoM22 topics
  • the "New Normal" in their companies
  • current trends in the insights industry
Have we really arrived at the 'New Normal' yet?
Dr. Jörg Munkes, GIM & Walter Freese, Interrogare
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The sessions will be held in German.
"Managing growth is the biggest task at the moment"
Christian Thunig (INNOFACT) and
Tanja Woppmann & Andreas Woppmann (advise)
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The sessions will be held in German.
"As much flexibility and autonomy as possible"
Herbert Höckel (moweb) & Dominic Fumelli (Talk Online Panel)
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