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Newsletter • 13 October 2021
  • Only two weeks to go until succeet21 opens its doors in Munich. Book your ticket now - your voucher code for free participation: NLSUC21
  • Key topics and competencies of our exhibitors - here is the overview
  • Great depth, small groups: intensive workshops at succeet21
  • This is how trade shows work: our event platform can do a lot - use the tool!
  • What our exhibitors say about the trade show - today: Cint / GapFish, respondi, DataExpert, Fastuna, DataLion, Q Agentur, Psyma, Fieldwork, Civey and Nordic Viewpoint
succeet21: the trade show for the insights industry, 27–28 October, in Munich.
► info, exhibitors, agenda, tickets – here
Opening hours: Wed, 27 Oct: 9:00-18:00; Thu, 28 Oct: 9:00-17:30.
❗️ Visitor admission from 9:00 am. Please have your ticket and VCR proof ready ❗️
VCR check and event check-in: please arrive at Hall 4 of MOC Munich Order Center on time – check in early, don't miss out.
See you in Munich! Let's succeet together.
succeet21 – event news
October – the industry gets together!
Now is the time for information and exchange in the Insights Industry: the week of market research (WdM) by kicked things off last week in Germany, and we will continue on 27 and 28 October with succeet21 in Munich. Will you be there? We look forward to seeing you!
WdM in figures: 65 online sessions in five days, 1,070 participants. That's almost 30 percent more visitors than in 2020. Pure content, lots of knowledge for the participants, heaps of new leads for the agencies. Only one thing was missing: the F2F exchange over a cup of coffee and networking. But that will happen soon in Munich, at succeet21. Register now.
Your code for free trade show attendance
It's finally official: the government guidelines on trade shows for the month of October 2021 are now in place! The Bavarian Council of Ministers decided on 30 Sept. 2021: the 14th Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance will be extended by four weeks up to and including 29 October 2021.
(More info in German – here.)

For succeet21, this means above all:
no limit on the number of visitors!

For this reason, we can now simplify our registration and voucher code system:
  • With the voucher code NLSUC21, you can take part in the event for free.
  • All previous voucher codes remain valid.
  • Voucher codes can be redeemed for all ticket types until 31 October 2021 – even if you have already booked a ticket.
Rogator Roadshow | 14.10. | 11 a.m.: The NPS®plus as an enhanced sales tool
Digital Rogator Roadshow 2021 | The NPS®plus offers your company far more than just a key performance indicator: sales growth, optimization of business processes as well as customer loyalty through automated feedback at the touchpoints of the customer journey! In this interview with the Baloise Group, we discuss the introduction and implementation of the NPS®plus in corporate communications in a practical way. Sign up now!
Key topics and competencies
  • What are the services / core competencies of the succeet21 exhibitors?
  • Which categories / business fields do the companies belong to?
We asked our 80+ exhibitors about this and evaluated their answers – services first (green), business fields second (red):
The enquiry of service types and company categories among the 80+ exhibitors was carried out for the filter function of the succeet21 event platform. Due to the great variety of responses, we limit ourselves to the most common features in the industry. [The numbers indicate the number of exhibitors for which the feature is relevant]
Agenda highlights at succeet21
In the intensive workshops you will gain particularly deep insights – in small groups. The principle: one topic, three identical sessions, 45 minutes each.
Workshops in English:
  • quantilope: Automated Segmentation for Fast-Paced Innovators. Rakhee Arora-Hodges, Senior Research Consultant & Madita Brandhorst, Senior Solution Consultant.
  • Zappi: Keeping it clean: Let's work together to make our industry sustainable. Burkhard Mantay, Account Manager.

Workshops in German:
  • Point Blank: Next Level Customer Immersion mit VR-Tools. Manuel Stettner, Filmmaker, & Francesca Canu, Research Executive.
  • Spiegel Institut: Beobachtung von Usability-Problemen – Nichts leichter als das, oder doch nicht? Jasmin Wohlrab, Junior Consultant User Experience.
  • StraightONE: Decision Architecture, denn (Kauf-)Entscheidungen müssen kein Zufall sein. Bastian Verdel, Managing Partner. 
❗️ More details on the succeet21 sessions and speakers – on our event platform. Please note that pre-registration is required for all sessions. ❗️
More succeet21 highlights were presented in the previous newsletter issues:
  • CX-Summit: two days full program in our special - in presentation room P2.
  • Renowned brands presenting first-hand insights: Barilla, Daimler Mobility, dm-drogerie markt, enercity, ING Diba, P&G, SIXT and STABILO
  • Three panel discussions on cutting-edge topics, with leading minds from the industry
  • Start-up presentations: get to know young companies and their focus
Our tip for agenda planning
We have packed detailed information on all agenda items and speakers for you in our event platform. You can simply scroll through the programme for each day of the trade show - or use the filter function.
Filtering - that's how it works:
  • open the filter function
  • select the desired features (languages, formats, rooms),
  • apply filter
The platform will then display your selection for each day of the event - for example, our intensive workshops. Or: sessions in English, panel discussions, start-up slots, CX Summit ...
By clicking on the red "Request a seat" button displayed with each presentation, you can go directly to the ticket shop where you can request the sessions of your choice.
Check it out
succeet21: the hall plan is ready
80+ exhibitors from the entire spectrum of Insights, Data & Analytics will meet you at succeet21, in Hall 4 of the MOC Munich Order Center. The hall plan is ready - plan your visit to the trade show now.
Take a look at the hall plan
Our tip for searching & finding exhibitors
On our event platform, exhibitors provide their company information and contact persons/stand staff.

This is how you find the exhibitors:
Use the full text search (pic on the left) as well as the filter function of the tool.
Filter by:
  • company categories: 
    Full-Service Agency, Viewing Facilities/Studios, Offline Field Provider, Online-Access-Panel Provider, Qualitative Research, Media Research, Social Media Monitoring, Software Provider, Survey & Data Collection Software, Associations, Start-up, Consultancy, Translation & Language Services
  • topics:
    Artifical Intelligence & Automation, B2B, Branding & Advertising, CX & Customer Satisfaction, Dashboards & Visualization, Data Analytics / Big Data, Ethnography, Eye Tracking, Innovation & Trend research, Neuroscience & Biometrics, Pricing Research, Segmentation & Target Groups, Sensory Research, Shopper Research / POS, Text Analysis, UX & Usability, Virtual Reality
Check it out
Our tip for networking
❗️ As a succeet21 participant, you can register on the event platform to use the full functionality of the tool - for example, to contact exhibitors and also other registered participants, to make appointments and enquiries: the tool provides a networking function. ❗️
Here is an overview of the functions of the event platform:
To the event platform
Munich succeet21 Networking Party
We are delighted to have The Research Club on board as our party partner. The Munich succeet21 Networking Party will take place on Wednesday, 27 October, from 7 pm at the Kongress Bar, at Munich's Theresienhöhe.
Please note: tickets are limited and only available from the organiser The Research Club. Access for people who are vaccinated or have recovered – for more details click on the button below.

Enjoy this networking event! Meet colleagues from near and far, try the Bavarian food and beer. Later in the evening, a DJ will provide music.
Info + tickets
What our exhibitors say
It will be fantastic to see everyone in person at succeet21
"First of all, after months of digital events, it will be fantastic to see everyone in person at succeet21! I’m looking forward to presenting a session with our new partners at GapFish about automated solutions that meet increased demands for speed and quality in the insights space. Also, Cint (#158) and GapFish (#178) will have a fun contingency of people hanging out in our booths who can share with you why we are simply the world's largest sample exchange for digital market research. Stop by and say hello!"
JD Deitch, Chief Operations Officer, Cint

”GapFish is very happy to participate at succeet21 in person – to see many friends, partners and customers again. We'll bring a lot, including three presentations, and of course more details on your added values now that we're part of the Cint Group. We're excited to see you there!”
Philipp Rosenbeck, Vice President Strategy, GapFish (A Cint Group Company)
Presentations Cint / GapFish – one in English, two in German:
  • Cint / GapFish: Market researchers, you can have it all: speed, scale and quality ► Info / registration here
  • GapFish / GIM: Dem Kunden auf der Spur: Zielgruppen dank Bewegungs- und Geodaten finden und erreichen. ► Info / registration here
  • GapFish / pilot: Programmatische Werbewirkungsforschung: Pretest-Simulationen für die strategische Kommunikationsplanung ► Info / registration here
We are looking forward to many exciting personal conversations
"The trade fair in Munich has always been the highlight of the year for us and was sorely missed last year. We are looking forward to many exciting personal conversations around our presentation on 'young Germans' and at our stand, where we will be serving our freshly brewed coffee as usual. Culinary and content-wise, we are going to Italy this time, as our focus this year is amongst others on the expansion of our Italian panel."
Bengül Robillard, Managing Director Deutschland, respondi AG
Presentation respondi / Simon Schnetzer – in German: Junge Deutsche 2021 – Die Lebens- und Arbeitswelten der 14-39-Jährigen in Deutschland ► Info / registration here
One of the most important events for the whole European MR industry
"We, at DataExpert, are looking forward to succeet21 because this is one of the most important events not only for Germany but for the whole European MR industry. In the last two years we, at DataExpert, have been heavily investing into our service portfolio and we have a lot to tell to the audience. Key topics we will bring to succeet21: our colleague, Adrienn Molnár, will speak about how DataExpert design and setup CX (Customer Experience) dashboards; at our booth we are eager to talk to our guests about our advanced data analytics services; we are going to show how we cover the whole range of technical support process in market research – how we deal with multi country studies and high data volumes using the latest innovative technics.“
Dezső Karasszon, Owner & CEO, DataExpert
Presentation DataExpert – in English: Better insights, quicker decisions and improved user experience from dashboard design ► Info / registration here
At succeet21 we have so much research knowledge in one place, it's amazing
"The Fastuna team is looking forward to succeet21 because we love to share our knowledge about online agile research tools in this buzzing life environment, as well as meeting old friends and new clients from all industries. At succeet21 we have so much research knowledge in one place, it's amazing. It gives us such a thrill."
Maria Soroka, Managing Director, Fastuna Europe
I look forward to the personal exchange at our booth
"DataLion is looking forward to this year's succeet. With our dashboard solution (SaaS) paired with individual Data-Science consulting and personal support, we offer market research institutes and companies a service that is tailored to your needs. With our speech „The Next Frontier - Artificial Intelligence in Market Research Dashboards“ you can expect exciting insights and at the same time outlook into the world of data. I look forward to the personal exchange at our booth (114) with you. Our DataLion team wishes all participants successful days in Munich.“
Dr. Benedikt Köhler, Founder & CEO, DataLion GmbH
Presentation DataLion – in German: The Next Frontier – Künstliche Intelligenz in Marktforschungs-Dashboards  ► Info / registration here
The beauty and diversity of MR
"Our Q motto this year is 'The Beauty of Research'. Where, if not at succeet21, can you creatively showcase the beauty and diversity of market research? The digital succeet21 in spring was a great experience, now we are looking forward to the presence trade show in Munich and wish the succeet team, all visitors and the exhibitors a wonderful event. Kerstin Klär will be talking about the 'Limits of scalability and standardisation in market research' at the panel discussion, and we have an exciting live presentation with Thomas Gruber from dm in prospect. It will be great."
Oliver Tabino, Founder & Managing Director, Q I Agentur für Forschung
Presentation Q / dm-drogerie markt – in German: Der dm Corona Insight Generator ► Info / registration here
'Our' market research fair
"In 2006, the research & results was started as an industry get-together for market research and we were there from the very beginning with Psyma. Only the financial and corona crisis did not allow our participation. With all changes and further developments in our environment, constant factors, familiar things, but also flexibility and courage are an important basis for overcoming crises and perhaps even emerging from them. So the firm place for 'our' market research fair with succeet21 is occupied again.We will meet and talk about the familiar, change and further development. Let's succeet together. "
Christian Schätz, Head of Marketing & Sales, PSYMA GROUP AG
All in one place
"Fieldwork is looking forward to succeet21 because connecting with others in our industry is important to us! The event offers a great opportunity to see our clients, vendors and competitors, in person, all in one place. We appreciate the hard work of those who organize succeet21. They create a wonderful program and quality networking opportunities, so much so that other organizations have adapted this efficient format."
Sarah Kotva, Executive Vice President, Fieldwork, Inc.
I look forward to a lively exchange
"The market research world is becoming increasingly complex: target groups are diversifying. Needs and demands on brands are evolving with increasing media channels through which potential customers can be reached. It’s therefore increasingly important to exchange ideas within the industry about which new approaches capture this complexity best. succeet21 is the ideal platform for this. At succeet21, I will presente a comprehensive real-time tool from Civey for campaign planning and measurement of target groups. Volkswagen has been using it successfully for years to optimize its ID.-campaigns. I look forward to a lively exchange on this!"
Steffen Braun, Partner + VP Sales, Civey
Presentation Civey – in German: Werbewirkungsmessung in Echtzeit – So optimiert Volkswagen zielgruppengenau seine Kampagnen ► Info / registration here
The latest trends and information in the industry
"We from Nordic Viewpoint are looking forward to succeet21 because of the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our services to the German and international clients at the event. We also look forward to hearing about the latest trends and information in the industry and to attend the expert presentations. Come meet us in person and let us explain how we can help you get insights in the Nordic markets!"
Ben Lepez, Managing Director, Nordic Viewpoint
Partners & sponsors  #succeet21
Thank you very much for your support and cooperation!  ❤️
This is what applies at succeet21:
  • VCR as access requirement: vaccinated, checked, recovered persons – with valid proof
  • 1.5 metres minimum distance
  • wearing of medical face masks (surgical masks) in indoor areas. 
    ❗️ However, this does not apply at fixed sitting, standing or working places, as long as a minimum distance of 1.5 metres to other persons is reliably maintained. And: In our conference rooms, the protective mask can be removed at the seat, as the 1.5m minimum distance is guaranteed by the seating. ❗️
    In the outdoor areas, face masks are only compulsory if the minimum distance of 1.5m cannot be maintained.
  • traceability of participants is guaranteed by our online registration
  • hygiene precautions and ventilation on site are provided

    More info here on our visitor website. 

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