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Newsletter • 8 December 2021

  • The best of both worlds: succeet online and in-person events 2022 
  • WdM22: read our recent interview and sign up for the free info webinars
  • Industry news: Bilendi, quantilope, eye square, BVM
succeet events 2022 – save the date!
◾️ 9–13 May: WdM22 – online festival "Week of Market Research"
◾️ 20–21 October: succeet22 – in-person trade show in Munich
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WdM22 · Week of Market Research · 9–13 May 2022
Together with our partner, we are organising the online festival "Week of Market Research", WdM22, which will be held from 9–13 May 2022.
  • Read our recent interview on WdM22 – below.
  • There will be two free info webinars about the event:
    · webinar in German: 13 Dec. 2021, at 11 am  – sign up here >> 
    · webinar in English: 11 Jan. 2022, at 3 pm – please drop us a line >>
We look forward to seeing you ?

"WdM will become more international"
Simone Waller-Klink and Holger Geißler reveal a number of facts about WdM22 in a recent interview, originally published in German at
  • What will change at WdM?
  • What can be learned from the past two online WdM festivals?
  • How come the date of succeet22 had to be changed?
  • Why will there be no virtual exhibition stands in 2022?
We've come up with an English version for you: Before we talk about WdM22, one question about succeet22. In Munich, you mentioned a date in early October 2022. The date has changed, and the in-person trade show will take place 20–21 October 2022. Why is that?
Simone Waller-Klink: Unfortunately, it has turned out that the original date would come with very high hotel prices in Munich – if you can still get any hotel rooms at all in an acceptable distance to MOC Munich for succeet22. In the week we originally offered, EXPO REAL is taking place in Munich, one of the largest B2B trade shows in the world,  with more than 2,000 exhibitors and around 46,000 participants. As a result, you would already have to pay more than €250 per event day for a simple Motel One room, for example. We don't want to impose that on our participants.

Back to WdM22. In what way will the online festival differ from WdM21?

Holger Geißler: In principle, WdM22 will stick to its motto: being an online festival that shows how vibrant the insights industry is. There will be some change in the background, as we at are preparing WdM22 together with succeet GmbH. An opportunity arising from this is, for example, to bring more international contributions to WdM22, as succeet has a great international network. Another expectation is that the date in May 2022 will mean that more offline or hybrid sessions can possibly find their way into the WdM agenda. This has been our plan from the very beginning, but the pandemic has prevented it so far.

What will be the focus of WdM22?

Holger Geißler: It‘s still a bit early to tell. However, with the help of our WdM advisory board, we will find out the most important new topics for the industry. For more info on WdM22, sign up now for our free webinar in German which we will hold on 13 December, 11 am. There will also be a free English webinar on 11 January – please get in touch for the access data.

In 2021 there was also the virtual succeet. Will there be digital exhibition stands alongside WdM22?

Simone Waller-Klink: No, there is no need for that any longer. The virtual stands were an approach to offer a maximum of trade show atmosphere in the middle of the lockdown of the third Covid wave. Virtual succeet21 also served as a back-up in case the 2021 Munich trade show had to be cancelled. We are very optimistic for 2022 and firmly expect that nothing will get in the way of the in-person event next October. Given the outstanding versatility of the WdM online festival format, we have decided together to develop it further: WdM will become more international.

How does WdM work at the organisational level? Who do companies turn to if they want to make a contribution?

Simone Waller-Klink: We have agreed on sharing responsibilities between succeet and as follows: succeet GmbH is handling the bookings and organisational issues. The technical implementation and the presentational tasks are taken over by in the proven manner.
After two WdM events held so far, there are certainly some insights into what works particularly well and what doesn't. What can you recommend to companies that would like to contribute to WdM22?
Holger Geißler: Don't wait too long, but book early and fix your time slots, even if it is still unclear what exactly you will be presenting. The advantage is: the choice of time slots is much greater – if you wait a long time, you‘ll have to take what's left. In terms of topics, educational contributions were particularly well received in the past events, i.e. sessions in which companies show competence by providing actual insights into their own work and expertise. What was also very well received overall were the sessions on infographics and sketchnoting, teaching skills market researchers can put to good use. Yet that has to fit the respective agency, otherwise it doesn't make sense. Exchanging ideas with us in advance can be useful, especially if various topics and speakers are being considered.
Who are the info webinars for?

Simone Waller-Klink: The webinar on 13 December is for all German-speaking providers and agencies interested in addressing their range of services to national and international insights professionals at WdM22. An English webinar will be held on 11 January 2022 at 3 pm – please drop us a line for the access data.
Simone Waller-Klink is Managing Partner and Founder of succeet GmbH.
Holger Geißler is Managing Director and Co-Founder of Smart News Fachverlag, which operates the two industry portals and He is also Managing Director at succeet GmbH.

Industry news
Bilendi wins MRS Best Technology Innovation award
Our exhibitor Bilendi announced yesterday that its Bilendi Discuss solution was named the winner of the MRS award for Best Technology Innovation, hosted by the UK’s Market Research SocietyBilendi Discuss generates instant insights through online, large-scale personalised conversations on an audience’s preferred messaging channels. The solution allows market researchers to analyse consumer feedback and expectation in real time, and then generate insights using a single, user-friendly platform. Marc Bidou, Chairman & CEO of Bilendi: “After a momentous 12 months which has seen tremendous growth, including the acquisition of respondi Group and Discuss Now, this award represents another important milestone for Bilendi. I look forward to the next!” 
quantilope ranks among Germany's fastest growing tech companies
Our exhibitor quantilope has been honored with Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 Award for the third time in a row. Their Insights Automation platform has propelled the company again into Germany’s Top 50 fastest growing technology companies. quantilope has climbed seven places since last year, now ranking 11th place. ”quantilope shows with its product and services, how brands leverage high quality consumer insights to shape a competitive and sustainable future through the help of modern technology,“ says Dr Andreas Gentner, Partner and Head of Technology, Media & Telecommunications EMEA at Deloitte. More info >>
eye square remembering Jacques Blanchard
Jacques Blanchard, an expert on human behaviour and experience, has passed away at the age of 79. Our exhibitor eye square remembers: "Jacques Blanchard was an eminent expert for human behavior and experience. With his work he revolutionized the approach for understanding human behavior and human feeling and thinking. He was a great inspiration for the whole industry, a true role model as a value-oriented business leader and a pioneer of implicit research." Read on >>
BVM seminars 2022: early booking discount until 31 January
News from our cooperation partner, the German association BVM: The new BVM seminar programme of  is online. Take advantage of the early booking discount for their seminars until 31 January 2022 and save €100 for one-day seminars and €200 for seminars lasting two or more days.

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