When was the last time you presented your proposed solution to 100 potential customers?

For the first time at succeet23 in Wiesbaden there will be a competition for exhibiting institutes and market research service providers: the succeet award.

The competition is similar to Kaggle. This is a website where a current problem is posed based on a briefing and developers can submit their solution in a competition. The idea for the succeet award came from a study conducted by a project group at the Technical University of Cologne. In early 2023, the group conducted a survey of 30 corporate market researchers.

Together with a group of insight managers from Miele, Congstar, Telekom, Johnson & Johnson and the German National Tourist Board, two specific briefings were developed that address currently open and unsolved issues in market and opinion research:

Briefing 1: Regional Market Research
When conducting market research in small regional units (less than 50,000 inhabitants), conventional market research methods quickly reach their limits. For example, even very large online access panels typically under-represent local residents, telephone surveys can only rely on telephone directory landline samples, F2F interviews are expensive and time-consuming, and postal addresses are often unavailable. We are looking for a provider who can deliver a convincing solution within the given budget and time frame using the example of the district town of Soest. The detailed briefing can be found here.

Briefing 2: Generation Z
Tech-savvy and always online, impatient and demanding, health-conscious and environmentally conscious – these are the characteristics that roughly describe Generation Z, the group of people born since 1995. The target group has been a challenge for market research studies because it is difficult to recruit. On the other hand, they stand out because they seem to be relatively unmotivated and distracted as participants, e.g. in group discussions.

Ideas will be developed on how to engage and motivate Generation Z for different types of market research. The aim is to provide concrete recommendations on how to better conduct market research studies with this target group. The detailed briefing can be found here.

Who can be a part of the succeet award?

All institutes and companies exhibiting at succeet23 can participate in the succeet award. Several institutes and companies can also participate in the competition together. An institute can also apply to both briefings.

How can an exhibitor participate?

Send your proposal to award(at) by the deadline of September 10, 2023, 23h. Your proposal should be in writing and sent as a pdf file. The length should not exceed 10 A4 pages in total and should include at least a rough calculation of costs and time schedule.

How can I get my questions answered?

If you have any questions about the contest or any of the briefings, please email them to award(at) by September 5th. We will get back to you within a few days.

How is the winner of the succeet award determined?

All submissions for the succeet award will be reviewed in advance by an expert jury of corporate market researchers. The three most convincing solutions per briefing (i.e. 2x3 exhibitors in total) will present their proposal live at succeet in Wiesbaden. The audience, consisting of potential clients, will choose the winner live via mobile voting. There will be one winner for each briefing, so there will be two winners of the succeet award 2023.

Why should an exhibitor participate in the pitch?

If you are shortlisted, you will be given the opportunity to present your proposed solution to  about 100 potential clients. Viewers must register in advance and will only be admitted by succeet if they belong to the "operational market researchers" target group. All exhibitors that make it to the final selection will receive the contact details of the viewers. In addition, two employees of these companies will be allowed to attend the award session.

As an additional incentive, the winners of each briefing will receive the succeet award in the form of a trophy. Reports on the succeet award will be published on and in the succeet newsletter.

Will the contest be in English or German?

You can present in English or German. If you present in German, your presentation will be simultaneously translated. Your proposal can also be submitted in either English or German.

What are the deadlines?

September 05, 2023: Last opportunity to submit questions

September 10, 2023: End of application period - your written proposal must be received by this date.

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