CX summit 25

CX summit – parallel to succeet25 – on 12 + 13 February in Wiesbaden

succeet23 impressively demonstrated that customer experience (CX) plays an important role in the insights industry. Of the 120 exhibitors in total, 67 offered CX-related solutions. 20 of these exhibitors even described CX as a ‘top skill’. There were 27 live presentations on the topic of customer experience, which were attended by a total of over 1,300 interested parties - an average of 49 participants per session. The large panel discussion entitled ‘How much market research goes into customer experience management’ attracted a particularly large audience of 71.

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Which exhibitors is the CX summit aimed at?

We invite all CX-specialized suppliers and service providers who are active in the field of customer experience and CX research and offer new, innovative solutions in the following areas: technology and software, analytics, consulting and insights

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You would like to participate as a CX exhibitor?

In our  exhibitor info on page 18 you will find details about our CX summit, the event concept, exhibition spaces and stand building, presentations, prices, etc.:

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