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Business and society are currently facing the greatest challenge since the Industrial Revolution. We are talking about the transformation to a sustainable society. But this involves nothing less than the remeasurement of the world. Because nothing will ever be the same again: experience, research results, previous benchmarks - everything is wastepaper and must be put to the test. Who else could do this but market and social researchers? The discipline will play a central role in the coming years. The 2024 German Market Research Congress is therefore dedicated to this topic: "The Sustainable Society: Successful Transformation through Market Research". Read more about this topic in the free BVM whitepaper. Read >

eye square, a Berlin-based market research institute with global activities focuses on the goal of researching the digital experience of people in all environments. From UX and CX, shopping, brand and media experience to AI and gaming – eye square investigates what people experience in digital interactions. Its current research focus is “Meaningful Attention”. Philipp Reiter is COO and partner of the company and explains what this means - and what eye square has in store for this year’s succeet. Read >

At a time when technology and innovation are reshaping the market research landscape, we spoke with Dr. Jessica Schomberg of Produkt + Markt about 50 years of full service, quality and the role of artificial intelligence (AI). Read >

The client of research has changed profoundly over the decades. These are no longer mere clients of research, forced to extract of their insights trough external agencies. Today's clients have substantial abilities to gather their own data and interpret it, at least at a basic level, delegating only a fraction of their projects to research agencies. Find out more about the changing face of the insights client in the free ESOMAR whitepaper. Read >

Where can artificial intelligence help in market research? Are there downsides, and if so, what are they? And what does Germany need to do to keep up with China and the USA? Janina Mütze from Civey answers these and other questions in an interview. Read >

Personalization is not only finally really possible, but is also expected by customers. By focusing on the needs at the touchpoints, not just on general personas, we can make personalization a concept for success. In this article, Stefan Kolle explains how. Read >

Discover how Caplena and ChatGPT compare in text analysis and topic assignment. While ChatGPT excels in human-like responses, Caplena specializes in precise topic assignment with fine-tuning capabilities. Explore how they complement each other in Caplena's latest feature, Summary Generation. Download the free whitepaper. Read >

Are you looking for a partner for all kinds of language services? Then One Global is the right place for you. Read the interview to find out who One Global is and why a collaboration is worthwhile. Read >

Read the latest interview to find out why Qual-Quant is still a hot topic. You can also read about the challenges of incorporating both perspectives and when it makes sense to do without one. Read >

What is the role of Large Language Models in market research? What are the challenges of adopting LLMs and how can companies strike the right balance between leveraging AI capabilities and retaining a human touch when analyzing their insights? Find answers to these questions in the interview. Read >

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