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Mobile ethnographic research is more relevant than ever: thanks to the smartphone, it has never been so easy to research the everyday lives of consumers and to get very close to their daily routines and behaviours. Interview with Kathrin Schaarschmidt, Director Qualitative Research at SKOPOS, about the advantages of this method compared to traditional ethnographic research. Read >

Digitalisation creates a range of new possibilities in behavioural research. Beat Fischer from intervista gives an overview of state-of-the-art methods such as geolocation tracking, passive metering, cookies and predictive eye tracking. Read this interview and sign up for the webinar at Week of Market Research. Read >

Psyma provides customised solutions for your individual tasks. The focus is on people and their motives - across cultural boundaries. Commitment, flexibility, consistency, expertise and personal support are more important to the institute than standard solutions. Read >

Are customer sounding boards the future of agile market research? What distinguishes a sounding board from other customer feedback methods and what makes for good implementation? This is what the SKOPOS NOVA webinar at Week of Market Research is about. Vitalij Malahov gives first insights into the topic in the interview. Read >

Artificial intelligence is currently experiencing a lot of hype, especially due to ChatGPT. Even before that, the topic was on everyone's lips, but now every single agency seems to be dealing with it. This is also the case with Produkt + Markt. In this interview for their webinar on 8 May at the Week of Market Research, Michael Kutz will reveal how qualitative projects get more speed with the help of AI tools. Read >

Dr. Satish Thalla is key account manager for Asia Pacific at AMR Advanced Market Research. He has taught international research at universities around the world: India, Argentina, South Africa and Germany. Today we talk to him about the value of modern market research in a rapidly changing society, and he reveals why an ancient-looking technique could become increasingly relevant in the process. Read >

How are the crises of these times affecting market research agencies? What is particularly relevant for them right now? Tanja and Andreas Woppmann, advise research, Dr. Jörg Munkes, GIM, and Dr. Orhan Kocyigit, Harris Interactive, – Exclusive Sponsors of this year's Week of Market Research – tell us in this interview what they think is going on in the industry. Read >

The internet provides a huge amount of customer feedback. How can the relevant insights be generated from this? We spoke to Marc Trömel, CEO and co-founder of VICO Research & Consulting, in advance of his WoM23 webinar about how this process works and what role AI plays in it. Read >

The EARSandEYES shelf, which holistically shows products in the competitive environment, is intended to give clients clear recommendations for action. How does it work and what are the advantages compared to a replica shelf in a viewing facility? An interview with Joachim Odendahl and Janika Kordsachia about their webinar topic at Week of Market Research 2023. Read >

The world is going through numerous crises, and even if the market research industry has escaped largely unscathed, the agencies have not been left unaffected. INNOFACT, NORDLIGHT and Survalyzer – Premium Sponsors of this year's Week of Market Research WoM23 – have their say in this interview and tell us what they think is going on in the insights industry. Read >

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