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In our exclusive interview with Jan-Phillip Meier and Yulia Yurchenko from Ipsos, we take a deep dive into the fascinating world of the connection between sporting events and advertising. Find out first-hand how these two worlds intertwine and what trends and challenges the future holds. Read >

The strength of implicit, reaction time-based measurement methods lies in registering spontaneous reactions to brands and advertising materials without distortion. On April 16, Dr. Julia Urbahn, co-founder and member of the management board of the Swiss market research institute Intervista, will provide detailed insights into this approach. Read >

Recruiting and retaining specific B2B target groups, such as veterinarians or farmers, is challenging. Dr. Dirk Aderhold works in Global Agribusiness Research at Produkt + Markt and heads up the research department. In his webinar, he explains what needs to be considered when managing such a community. Read >

Get exciting insights into the current use of artificial intelligence and its impact on the user experience in our interview with Till Winkler and Florian Tress. Find out more about the actual demand for AI and secure your free place on the webinar now! Read >

How does Strategir's MCA® Sustainability Model work? How does it help to measure your company's sustainability communication? Line Kerrad provides answers in an interview before the webinar. Read >

This trailer is the start of an exciting journey! Join us and discover what the Insight Journey from Produkt + Markt can achieve: It helps you and your entire team to see the essentials in any flood of data. Watch the trailer and the interview now. Read >

In Week of Market Research, the full-service institute advise explains why speed and agility are so important in research. In addition, advise explains that influencer cooperations are among the most effective marketing methods. An interview with CEOs Tanja and Andreas Woppmann. Read >

Dr. Anne Katrin Lensch & Jan Ingelmann from Dialego are co-creators of WoM 2024 with two innovative contributions. Their webinar series offers insights into exciting topics such as the integration of AI in live chats and a new study on sustainability. They answered a few questions for us in advance. Read >

CATI often seems outdated and outmoded for classic B2C projects. Yet telephone surveys offer a lot of potential, says Axel Schomborg from Produkt + Markt. Read >

In a world that is constantly evolving and bringing new challenges, the role of innovation is becoming increasingly important. In this exciting time of change, Ipsos GmbH announces a groundbreaking revelation that could fundamentally change the way innovation is developed. Watch the trailer for the webinar now! (in German) Read >

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