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A very moving event took place on the last day of Week of Market Research: “Support Ukraine”, hosted by Oliver Tabino, Q Agentur. Here Oliver describes how he experienced the extraordinary session – the live connection to a participant in a Ukrainian forest near the frontline e.g. –, what particularly impressed him, and he outlines three initiatives from the research sector. Read >

Market, competitor, trend or technology analyses up to date or out of date? Thomas Allgeyer from the market research institute Frenus emphasises the importance of those analyses for the B2B sector and shows what opportunities and challenges the industry is facing. Read >

Advertising is often supposed to be particularly creative. However, there is often a gap between the fancy advertising creation and the actual product presented. Kirsten Fischer and Dr Jens Wernecken from INNOFACT reveal in advance of their WoM event why this damages the advertising impact and how the COM@Test can prevent this. Read >

Contrary to the frequent assumption that online communities are a purely qualitative solution, QuestionPro points out the quantitative potential of the method. With enthusiasm, Marcus Schatilow and Thomas Maiwald-Immer present their software for online communities and show how the technology provides real-life insights. Read >

Advertising campaigns that catch on here at home do not necessarily do so in other countries. This was the finding of DVJ Insights in their recent cross-national study on advertising impact. What do these results mean for international advertising campaigns and what differences were found in attitudes to advertising in the 30 countries considered? Read >

Consumer panels certainly have their uses when it comes to better understanding consumer opinions and trends among customers or shoppers - but some target groups are much harder to identify and engage in research projects. Week of Market Research sponsor RONIN combines new, digital processes based on established methods to maximise the reach and response to studies that are tailored to participants from the B2B and healthcare sectors, or that are designed to target opinion leaders. Read >

Research Communities, River sampling and VR - topics that are currently occupying the market research industry, among others. What has happened in these areas, what is new? Dirk Wieseke from KERNWERT, Thomas Donath from NORDLIGHT and Dr. Holger Liljeberg from INFO GmbH will provide insights into their research fields and an outlook on their events at Week pf Market Research. Read >

Customer journeys are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to disentangle. Conventional methods can hardly cope with this complexity. How do we get out of this dilemma? Julia Görnandt, SKIM, wants to have found the solution to make customer journeys comprehensible again. Read >

In this interview, this year's Week of Market Research sponsors Bilendi and Survalyzer give us their first exciting insights into their events around the topics of dashboards and DIY-Qual. They also tell us what they see as the top trends in market research and what the "new normal" looks like at their companies. Read >

How can I successfully retain customers in the long term - that's the "one-million-euro question" that marketeers are asking themselves these days. The solution: knowing the needs and motives of the target group and meeting them with empathy. That's the approach recommended by brand relationship analyst Axel Schomborg, Produkt + Markt. Read >

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