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wdm22 interview Frenus
"There's a huge difference between doing research and doing research the right way"

Interview with Thomas Allgeyer, Frenus (May 11, 2022)

Market, competitor, trend or technology analyses up to date or out of date? Thomas Allgeyer from Frenus emphasises the importance of those analyses for the B2B sector and shows what opportunities and challenges the industry is facing. Read >

wdm22 interview INNOFACT
"When creation takes on a life of its own, too little impact sets in"

Interview with Kirsten Fischer & Dr Jens Wernecken, INNOFACT (May 6, 2022)

Advertising is often supposed to be particularly creative. However, there is often a gap between the fancy advertising creation and the actual product presented. Kirsten Fischer and Dr Jens Wernecken from INNOFACT reveal in advance of their WoM event why this damages the advertising impact and how the COM@Test can prevent this. Read >

wdm22 interview QuestionPro
"Online communities provide insights into worlds of life that are still often unknown to us"

Interview with Marcus Schatilow & Thomas Maiwald-Immer, QuestionPro (May 6, 2022)

Contrary to the frequent assumption that online communities are a purely qualitative solution, QuestionPro points out the quantitative potential of the method. With enthusiasm, Marcus Schatilow and Thomas Maiwald-Immer present their software for online communities and show how the technology provides real-life insights. Read >

WdM22 advertorial DVJinsights 500 EN
Cross-Country Advertising: Globalise or Localise?

Advertorial: Kathrin Posnanski, DVJ Insights

Advertising campaigns that catch on here at home do not necessarily do so in other countries. This was the finding of DVJ Insights in their recent cross-national study on advertising impact. What do these results mean for international advertising campaigns and what differences were found in attitudes to advertising in the 30 countries considered? Read >

WdM22 advertorial RONIN EN 500
Reaching The Hard to Find Participant – Using Multiple Approaches to Maximise Quality & Response

Advertorial RONIN (May 4, 2022)

Consumer panels certainly have their uses when it comes to better understanding consumer opinions and trends among customers or shoppers - but some target groups are much harder to identify and engage in research projects. Week of Market Research sponsor RONIN combines new, digital processes based on established methods to maximise the reach and response to studies that are tailored to participants from the B2B and healthcare sectors, or that are designed to target opinion leaders. Read >

"Market research is becoming increasingly creative in its range of methods and consulting services"

Interview with Dirk Wieseke (KERNWERT), Thomas Donath (NORDLIGHT) & Dr. Holger Liljeberg (INFO GmbH) (May 3, 2022)

Research Communities, River sampling and VR - topics that are currently occupying the market research industry, among others. What has happened in these areas, what is new? Dirk Wieseke from KERNWERT, Thomas Donath from NORDLIGHT and Dr. Holger Liljeberg from INFO GmbH will provide insights into their research fields and an outlook on their events at Week pf Market Research. Read >

wdm22 interview SKIM
"No 'one size fits all' for Journey Research"

Interview with Julia Görnandt, SKIM (May 3, 2022)

Customer journeys are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to disentangle. Conventional methods can hardly cope with this complexity. How do we get out of this dilemma? Julia Görnandt, SKIM, wants to have found the solution to make customer journeys comprehensible again. Read >

wdm22 interview Bilendi Survalyzer
"Qualitative research has many facets, some are very suitable for online, others are not"

Interview with Andreas Knappstein, Bilendi & Christian Hyka, Survalyzer (May 3, 2022)

In this interview, this year's Week of Market Research sponsors Bilendi and Survalyzer give us their first exciting insights into their events around the topics of dashboards and DIY-Qual. They also tell us what they see as the top trends in market research and what the "new normal" looks like at their companies. Read >

WdM22 Interview Produkt+Markt Axel Schomborg
"Being close to the customer is indispensable in brand matters"

Interview with Axel Schomborg, Produkt + Markt (April 29, 2022)

How can I successfully retain customers in the long term - that's the "one-million-euro question" that marketeers are asking themselves these days. The solution: knowing the needs and motives of the target group and meeting them with empathy. That's the approach recommended by brand relationship analyst Axel Schomborg, Produkt + Markt. Read >

WdM22 Interview GIM Laura Kern
"Experiments have largely replaced introspective procedures"

Interview with Laura Kern, GIM (April 28, 2022)

The choice of method increasingly falls on experiments - why? For Laura Kern, GIM, the greatest advantage of the method lies in the possibility of ascertaining causalities. The typical question-and-answer game has come to an end, and questions to which the respondent cannot know the answer find answers. Read >

wdm22 interview eyesquare carina de lopez 500
Case-Study MindDoc – How the usability of the mental health app can be optimised with UX 

Interview with Carina de López, eye square (April 29, 2022)

Mental Health - a topic that has come into focus with the trend towards mindfulness in recent years and forms the core of the MindDoc app. Together with MindDoc, the research agency eye square conducted a study on the use of mental health apps. How was the project approached, what challenges does such a sensitive topic bring with it? And how is the app for online therapies accepted? Read >

succeet22 interview CX Summit Dr Peter Pirner
"You can't manage customer experiences in a targeted way if you don't know customer needs" 

Interview with Dr Peter Pirner, CX-Talks (April 27, 2022)

As part of succeet22, there will be the CX-Summit again – this year for the second time. What topics can be expected? And what skills do market researchers usually lack when they want to move to the CX side? talked with CX expert Peter Pirner, who will host the CX-Summit for the first time at the Munich trade show in October. Read >

WdM22 interview forsta buljan 500
"Germans love their cars and have a strong trust in car brands"

Interview with Silvana Buljan, Buljan & Partners Consulting, and Anika Spliethoff, Forsta (April 27, 2022)

What moves people when they come into contact with brands and services from the mobility industry? What expectations do customers have? Together with Silvana Buljan and Anika Spliethoff, we take a look behind the scenes and get exciting insights from their multinational mobility study. Read >

WdM22 advertorial pm axel schomborg EN 500
Agile Research – 4 of 9 tips for agile teams

Advertorial – Axel Schomborg, Produkt + Markt (April 26, 2022)

Agile projects can get bogged down and lead to solutions that are anything but user-centred. To prevent this from happening, Axel Schomborg has developed a series of "Nine Recommendations for Agile Teams". He shares four of his tips for agile teams here >

WdM22 advertorial wordzz EN 500
A head cinema of noble bitter chocolate and meadow cream 

What machine translation can and can't do – advertorial wordzz (April 25, 2022)

AI-based translation tools are a great help in everyday life and are unrivalled in terms of speed and price. But can such translations also be used for questionnaires or presentations without further verification? Check out this advertorial from the translation agency wordzz – a sponsor of this year's Week of Market Research. Read >

WdM22 interview ipsos hothouse 500
"Everything takes place on this one day, on purpose and with one goal" 

Interview with Lydia Neumann & Isabelle Jacob, Ipsos (April 25, 2022)

What happens in the Ipsos hothouse of ideation, Instant*Lab? Lydia Neumann and Isabelle Jacob explain what a research process in the Instant*Lab is like and how they manage to deliver clear interpretations and recommendations for action within just one day. Read >

WdM22 interview skoposelements 500
Data viz – and the need to get involved. 
"If this is not done, the important market research data loses relevance and visibility in the company." 

Interview with Sebastian Schmidt, SKOPOS ELEMENTS (April 22, 2022)

Presenting important data in an appealing way is of the utmost relevance in market research. Not yet familiar with data visualisation tools like Tableau? Perhaps you could use a few tips and tricks. SKOPOS ELEMENTS now offers help with their interactive workshops. Sebastian Schmidt reveals what you can expect. Read >

WdM22 interview GfK Gibson Schmitz 500
"The big challenge here is that targeting and long-term branding must be consistent."

Interview with Catherine Gibson & Britta Schmitz, GfK (April 22, 2022)

How can the growth of a brand be secured in the short and long term? Catherine Gibson and Britta Schmitz, GfK, are convinced: neither targeting nor mass marketing is to be neglected. Anticipating their session at Week of Market Research, they give first tips on how to develop a successful dual growth strategy. Read >

WdM22 interview pm emotion 500
"Emotions are the anchor to the purchase desires and motives of the target group!"

Interview with Sarah Helmich, Produkt + Markt (April 20, 2022)

What is the significance of emotions in the brand context? How can emotions be measured and what are the challenges? Sarah Helmich gives first exciting insights in her webinar at Week of Market Research. Read >

WdM22 advertorial Q EN 500
The impossible made possible: Case Study SWR NEWSZONE

Advertorial Q | Agentur (April 20, 2022)

Those interested in a news offer for young people in app format might find what they are looking for in SWR NEWSZONE. During a design sprint lasting only five days, the entire basic framework for the NEWSZONE news app was developed in cooperation between broadcaster SWR and market research agency Q | Agentur. What was the result of the case study? And how can a case study like this succeed in such a short time? Read >

WdM22 interview ipsos moersdorf 500
"It's not just the marketing department's job to create a relationship - that should happen at every touchpoint" 

Interview with Dirk Mörsdorf, Ipsos (April 19, 2022)

There is no way around consumer insights when it comes to customer journeys. Dirk Mörsdorf, Ipsos, reveals details of his session at Week of Market Research and provides some exciting insights into the topic. Read >

WdM22 interview IR geideck 500
"Almost everyone has bought something that was not planned"

Interview with Verena Geideck, Interrogare (April 19, 2022)

How are purchasing decisions made? Why do consumers decide to buy certain products? These are questions that every brand should be interested in answering. With Shelf Test 2.0, Interrogare presents a method to get to the bottom of shoppers' motives at the POS. Read >

WdM22 interview PM agility 500
"Agility reduces waste"

Interview with Bianca Prommer, GrowFact, and Heiner Junker, Produkt + Markt (April 14, 2022)

Talking to users instead of talking about them - a key aspect in agile market research. What else is behind that field of research that advertises efficiency and seems to be on everyone's lips? What exactly makes agile market research so attractive? Read >
WdM22 interview straightone 500
"The decisive factor is how 'the scales in the head' tip at the time of the decision." 

Interview with Bastian Verdel, StraightONE (April 14, 2022)

When making decisions about buying sustainable products, on the one hand there is the positive feeling of doing something good. On the other hand, there is the negative feeling of spending more money than on products that are not sustainable. Moreover, the actual attitude often does not match the actual action. How to deal with these aspects? Read >

WdM22 advertorial mindline 500
Data visualisation: from "can‘t be done!" to "will be done – if you need it!"

Advertorial – Stefan Ruthenberg, mindline (April 13, 2022)

Technology and skills are often limiting factors when it comes to data visualisation. A frequent response when talking to service providers is “it can't be done”. But there are a lot more possibilities than many people realise. And some small things and clever gadgets applied to displaying data, UX and interactivity can make the decisive difference needed to convince even the very last, usually important naysayers. Read >

WdM22 advertorial brandwatch EN 500
Consumer Trends: How buying behavior has been changed by the pandemic

Advertorial Brandwatch (April 12,2022)

A lot has changed in the last two years. As a result, consumers have adapted their purchasing behavior and developed preferences that will continue to play a major role this year. How can businesses make sense of these changes, especially when behaviors are continuously evolving and adapting? Read >

WdM22 interview gfk eyesquare 500
"Top Trends: Agility, Online and Artificial Intelligence"

Interview with Robert Wucher, GfK, and Dr. Matthias Rothensee & Carina de López, eye square (April 11, 2022)

What's hot in the market research industry? What does the "new normal" look like in agencies? This year's WoM sponsors eye square and GfK give their perspective and reveal more about their presentations that await us at the Week of Market Research in May. What will the two agencies be presenting there? Read >

WdM22 advertorials seissmo EN 500
How do you recognize a good qualitative research agency? A guideline to check whether your gut feeling informs you well – or not.

Advertorial – Oksana Bandurovych & Natacha Dagneaud, Séissmo (April 11, 2022)

Choosing a supplier for qualitative research may be challenging. There is plenty of choice and options. How do you identify a good partner?  Here are some tips from Oksana Bandurovych and Natacha Dagneaud, Séissmo, with checklists and criteria to help you find the perfect match. Read >

 WdM22 Interview ProduktMarkt AI 500


"For us, AI is not only a buzz word" 

Interview with Dr. Jessica Schomberg, Produkt + Markt (April 8, 2022)

What are the advantages of using artificial intelligence (AI) in market research? Dr. Jessica Schomberg from Produkt+Markt presents how the agency uses AI, what influence that has on projects and in which industries their approach is particularly useful. Read >

WdM22 advertorial forsta EN col 500

Looking into the market research crystal ball: the biggest insights trends from Forsta AIR Awards winners 

Advertorial – Michael Lersch, Forsta (April 7, 2022)

How will the market research industry develop over the next ten years? This is the question Forsta asked the winners of the Forsta AIR Awards. In addition to the ongoing trends towards modern technology and AI, developments on the human level also play a significant role for the future for many. Read >

wdm22 interview seissmo 500x
"Just by looking at the way people talk about finances, we can develop strategies for addressing them adequately."

Interview with Natacha Dagneaud, Séissmo (April 5, 2022)

Germans often still have inhibitions when it comes to participating in the stock market. Besides a frequently existing scepticism, a lack of knowledge about the financial market plays a role. Natacha Dagneaud provides insights into why many people are still reluctant to invest in shares and what contribution qualitative methods can make to financial market research in the run-up to her web seminar on 11 May at Week of Market Research. Read >

 WdM22 interview GIM Interrogare 500x500
Have we really arrived at the 'New Normal' yet? 

Interview with Dr. Jörg Munkes, GIM, and Walter Freese, Interrogare (April 4, 2022)

This year's Week of Market Research sponsors GIM and Interrogare reveal some details concerning their sessions at WoM in May. They also answer questions about the "New Normal" in their agencies as well as current trends in the market research industry. Read >

Wdm22 interview skoposnova 500x500


UX Personas – useful or useless? 

Interview with Pia Blumauer and Florian Tress, SKOPOS NOVA (April 1, 2022)

Personas can transform target groups into tangible human beings. How to work with them? What are the pros and cons? This is what SKOPOS NOVA is discussing – in this interview and in their session at Week of Market Research. Read >

wdm22 interview accelerom 500x500


Customer journeys and key touchpoints – why less is often more

Interview with Christoph Spengler, Accelerom (March 31, 2022)

Understanding customers and meeting them emotionally and empathically is a great art. Especially with the multitude of touchpoints that have been added by the digitalisation push in the last two years. Christoph Spengler, Accelerom, sheds light on this and provides recommendations on how to deal with touchpoints along the customer journey. Read >

wdm22 interview moweb talkonline 500x500  
“As much flexibility and autonomy as possible – that's what everyone should experience in their personal working day” 

Interview with Herbert Höckel, moweb & Dominic Fumelli, Talk Online Panel (March 30, 2022)

The third Week of Market Research will take place in May! moweb and Talk Online Panel will be there as sponsors. In the interview, the companies talk about their "New Normal", top trends in market research and other topics – such as moweb's live WeLoveResearch networking event on May 12! Read > 

wdm22 interviews limbach 500x500
“Only a delicious product is a successful product in the long run”

Interview with Dr Sonja Schwarz, arotop sensory insights department at Limbach Analytics GmbH (March 29, 2022)

Chocolaty, creamy, tasty – consumer researcher Dr Sonja Schwarz reveals the power that sensory claims have on consumers. What exactly is behind the food industry's sensory advertising slogans and what needs to be taken into account? Read >

WdM22 interview advise innofact 500x500
"Managing growth is the biggest task at the moment"

Interview with Christian Thunig, INNOFACT, and Tanja & Andreas Woppmann, advise research (March 28, 2022)

This year's Week of Market Research sponsors INNOFACT and advise research reveal details about the exciting topics they and their colleagues will be presenting at the online festival WoM22 in May. They also answer questions about the "new normal" in their agencies as well as current trends in the market research industry. Read >
Interview intervista
“Smartphone tracking will replace classic mobility diary studies”

Interview with Beat Fischer, intervista (March 28, 2022)

Smartphone tracking is becoming increasingly popular in market research. The Swiss agency intervista uses the tool to drive mobility research. What is happening in the field and what challenges will the industry face in the future? Let's talk to Beat Fischer, intervista. Beat will also tell you more about his WoM22 session on the topic. Read >
wdm22 iv toluna norstat blog
“We expect that between pure DIY and full service, further types of cooperation will become established”

Interview with Frank Drewes, Toluna / Harris Interactive, and Sebastian Sorger, Norstat (March 21, 2022)

Week of Market Research WoM22 kicks off in May – with numerous presenations, webinars, events and pitches. The agencies Toluna and Norstat will also be there as sponsors. Frank Drewes, Toluna / Harris Interactive (pictured left) and Sebastian Sorger, Norstat (right) talk about what's going on in their companies, about current topics in the industry and about their WoM22 sessions. Read >
HF SWK large 
"We are in a much better situation this year"

Interview on succeet22 with succeet's Heinrich Fischer and Simone Waller-Klink (March 9, 2022)

The second succeet in-person trade show will take place in Munich on 20 and 21 October. Simone Waller-Klink and Heinrich Fischer, succeet GmbH, talk about: the status of planning and booking, important innovations and how the insights industry will be able to satisfy its thirst for face-to-face encounters in Munich. Read >

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