Dr Parves Khan, CEO of ESOMAR – speaker at succeet22 Why You Need An Insight Alchemist In Your Company

Client-side businesses need a new type of data expert – an insight alchemist. Says Dr Parves Khan, CEO of ESOMAR. Are you curious to learn? Come and join the live presentation of our cooperation partner ESOMAR. We are delighted that Parves will be speaking on the second day of succeet22 in Munich. Here she reveals more about her topic.



As technology has become an ever-greater part of our lives, we are increasingly using this to track human behaviour. But with the increased availability of different data sources, come questions of how to derive insights from the different sources at our disposal.  Does one data source have primacy, offering greater insight and understanding than the other?  Do some data sources offer us an underlying untarnished truth or are we destined to forever be trapped in a world of bias and inaccuracy?  Does the sheer volume of behavioural data available now offer us the means to dispense with directly asking people and should we be fundamentally rethinking how we understand people?

In Dr Khan’s presentation, she will be addressing these and other questions emerging from an ‘Age of Acceleration’ to argue that client-side businesses need a new type of data expert - an Insight Alchemist to build a team that is at the leading edge of customer insight delivery.

Register for Dr Parves Khan’s session at succeet22: Why You Need An Insight Alchemist In Your Company (21 Oct, 14:20h)


Dr Parves Khan is CEO of ESOMAR, the global voice for research, insights and data analytics. With over 25 years of experience of driving business growth and inspiring teams, Parves is a dynamic leader in the Insights industry.

Parves has worked across a range of sectors including FTSE 100 companies and brings both client and agency experience. Before joining ESOMAR in September of this year, Parves led global insights and analytics at INTO Global, shaping strategy and new product innovations. Previously, she led global research and insight across Pearson’s portfolio of services, driving education technology product innovation in core markets in the UK, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North Africa. During her time at digital-first insurance company Ageas, she transformed the insight function into an analytical powerhouse. Prior to Ageas, Parves ran her own research consultancy for six years, supporting a wide array of private- and public-sector clients in the UK and Europe. A common thread through all her professional undertakings, is the importance of matching our ever-improving ability to mine data and produce metrics with fresh perspectives and deep human analysis—the difference between being data-driven and insights-driven.

In May 2021, Parves was named one of Women in Data UK’s Twenty in Data and Technology 2020, an honor reserved for leading female data professionals. Parves was recognised for her exceptional career in bringing traditional market research and data analytics together, as well as her commitment to helping other women carve out leadership role in a traditionally male-dominated field.  Since 2019, Parves has been involved as a mentor for the 30% Club UK and Women in Research, two organisations which seek to promote gender diversity when it comes to board-level roles and contributions to research.

Parves’s most recent accolade is the latest in a long list of professional accomplishments.  In March 2020, she was designated as one of the Iconic Women Creating A Better World For All by the Women Economic Forum (WEF) at their annual conference in Cairo. The award is for upcoming leaders who, through their entrepreneurial spirit and creative actions, bring cultures and countries closer together in exchange.


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