Support Ukraine – Event at the Week of Market Research WoM22 festival

Bravery & Optimism

A very moving event took place on the last day of Week of Market Research: “Support Ukraine”, hosted by Oliver Tabino, Q Agentur. Here Oliver describes how he experienced the extraordinary session – the live connection to a participant in a Ukrainian forest near the frontline e.g. –, what particularly impressed him, and he outlines three initiatives from the research sector.

Have you ever delivered an agency pitch from a frontline, not in a suit, but in combat uniform? No! Neither have I. And I'm very glad I've never been in such a situation in my time as a market researcher.

Have you been asked in advance of an online event if it's OK for the audience to possibly hear rocket bombings in the background? No! Neither have I, and I have to admit that I was both disturbed and equally impressed by this question and the live feed into a Ukrainian forest near the front.

What impressed me most that day during the WoM22 event (Week of Market Research) were our colleagues Bogdana Khliapatura and Daria Gorgo of Factum Group, Maxim Pryndyuk of AIM, and Victoria Gerukh of uTrigg.

Maxim reported on his employer Agency of Industrial Marketing under hardly imaginable conditions and emphasized the good cooperation, also with German industrial companies, for which AIM has carried out numerous market explorations and market analyses in recent years.

Factum is a full-service agency based in Kiev and also operates its own online panel. Bogdana and Daria were able to show that despite the war, project work is running smoothly and there is only one methodological limitation currently: face to face interviews in the studio or in-homes are not possible due to the dangerous situation.

uTrigg is a technology company specializing in "emotion analytics". Founder and CEO Victoria Gerukh showed us how to install uTrigg software very easily via a pixel on your own websites and perform different analytics based on it.

I'm sure all the presenters are very directly facing the war, and I can't really imagine how many fears and worries for family members, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and neighbors our colleagues from Ukraine have to endure. I could see and feel courage, determination and optimism and that touched me and the colleagues from Germany very much.

Therefore, I would like to point out 3 initiatives:

  • uTrigg has initiated a social initiative for a research project. "How emotions are impacted by the war in Ukraine" (10 min. online survey) – check it here

  • In addition, uTrigg has also a donation initiative – here

  • Factum created another initiative, which is called YOUkraina. It is a regular online monitoring to understand awareness, attitudes and intentions of Ukrainians related to key areas of life.
    In consequent representative studies, they examine changes in thoughts, attitudes, and behavior in areas such as family relationships, health, work, finance, shopping, staying at home, leisure, digitalization, etc. – more details here

Thank you, Bogdana Khliapatura, Daria Gorgo, Maxim Pryndyuk and Victoria Gerukh, for your efforts. Hang in there, and hopefully we will see each other again soon – without war.

Thanks go to the teams of and succeet. They gave us the event space for free to support this initiative.

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